GIASS Milano Dry Gin

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The soul of GIASS is expressed in the union of 18 botanicals that compose it, amalgamated by a sophisticated process of distillation that has given life to a gin out of the usual routes: complex, authentic and immediate spirit, to be discovered even on the rocks.

Before distillation, the still is bursting with 18 botanicals – which have been macerated for a lengthy 72 hours. After – and watered to bottle strength, we are left with an expectedly complex, yet well balanced finished product.

Nose is actually rather unassuming – with some sweeter apple blossom tones over anything else.

Taste – this is where things get interesting. GIASS is the Inception of Gins.

The longer you leave it in your mouth, the more levels you drop through. Level 1 is fairly sweet, more flowery than sugary – but this links nicely to level 2 – citrus. Oily verbena rather than a zesty vibrancy.

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