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Bold & Rich Bundle

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If you like your sakes bold, with rich flavours, this bundle is a perfect one for you! You’ll fall in love with their luscious textures and long finishes. 

Sakari Junmai Daiginjo (x1)

A well balanced Junmai Daiginjo with fresh tropical fruit aromas (a hint of persimmon) and a rich rice flavours. It won a Gold Medal in Fine Sake award Japan in 2020.  Pairs well with Wagyu and other fatty beefs.

Dewazakura Junmai Daiginjo Yukimegami 48 (x1)

Medium sweet sake with with a solid body, good acidity and a a lingering finish. Yukimegami is a new sakamai used only in Yamagata, and was developed as an ideal rice to make Daiginjo-grade sakes. Recommended drunk chilled.

Senkin Modern Muku (x1)

This signature product is made using yamadanishiki grown near the brewery. Intense perfumes of ripe fruits such as peach & pear, luscious texture, a juicy sweetness & a large flavor profile with a long finish.