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Cavalier Bundle

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This is a charismatic bundle, perfect for the elegant gentlemen out there. These 3 bottles are bold, complex with great depths of flavours. Bold as they might be, they are equally light and refreshing. 

Dewazakura Daiginjo Yuki Man Man Aged (x1)

This sake has a lot of complexity from 5 years of aging at low temperature. It still maintains an excellent Ginjo nose. Nice balance between sweetness and dryness. Recommended drunk slightly chilled.

Hourai Junmai Daiginjo Iro Otoko (x1)

Light melon aromas laced with cream cheese and rainwater. Complex and structured on the palate with a great depth of flavor that lingers. Well-textured yet light, with a slight crisp, mineral finish.

Imayotsukasa Koi Nishikigoi (x1)

In "Koi NISHIKIGOI", the grade and rice is kept a secret – this is to allow one's sense of smell and taste to be surprised, appreciating its flavour and aroma without sight and knowledge of it.