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Hatsumago Xmas Set

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Treat yourself and your loved ones this Christmas with some great sake bundles from UrbanFindr! Quality sakes with good companions are everything you need to glam-up that Christmas feast. 

This award winning sake from Hatsumago is a full-bodied and a smooth Junmai Daiginjo. It is aromatic and well-balanced with a mellow flavour. Definitely something that everyone one the table will like! 

We are bundling this bottle - Hatsumago Shozui Junmai Daiginjo with a pair of Riedel Vinum Daiginjo Glasses for every purchase. Perfect as a gift, or an addition to your Christmas party. 

The Brand

Hatsumago is a brewery that has won one of the highest number of gold awards in the Japan’s National Sake competitions. The brewery has used the traditional Kimoto brewing method for more than 100 years.  The Kimoto method is rare today because it is costly, labour intensive and requires highly skilled labour.  The sakes produced by the Kimoto method have rich flavours with multi layers of light flavour components.  The brewery is located in the cool coastal area of Northern Japan.  The name Hatsumago translates to “First Grandchild”.


Hatsumago’s Principle of Sake Brewing

The “Kimoto-Zukuri” Sake Making Method, a traditional craft skill – for one search of originality and uniqueness of taste.

The important principle of Hatsumago’s sake brewing is the “Kimoto-Zukuri” sake making method. The “Kimoto-Zukuri” method is a technique of breeding yeast using airborne lactic acid bacteria living in the brewery. This method requires meticulous skills and years of experience.

Sake made using the “Kimoto-Zukuri” method is unique because of its complexity, depth and smooth aftertaste. These characteristics complement the flavors of various foods.


The Important Steps of Hatsumago Sake Making Process

Carefully selecting rice and polishing it with great care.


Preparation of koji rice (koji-cultured rice) is an important step because it determines the taste of Hatsumago. 


Breeding yeast using the traditional kimoto making method, which was handed down from generation to generation. 


Superb fermentation technology brews quality sake.


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