Coravin Set 1

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This set consists of:

2x Coravin Capsule (2 In A Pack)

1x Coravin Premium Needle

Coravin Premium Needle

Coravin Needles are specially designed to pierce through natural or agglomerated cork and allow you to pour wine without opening the bottle. The Coravin Premium Needle marries the gentleness of the Vintage Needle and the speed of the Fast Pour Needle, for a smoother pour. Not compatible with the PivotĀ® Wine Preservation System.

Coravin Capsule (2 In A Pack)

Coravin Capsules power all Coravin Wine Preservation Systems. They are filled with pure Argon gas that pressurizes the bottle to allow wine to flow through the Needle, then blankets the remaining wine once the System is removed. Capsules are compatible with all consumer Coravin Systems.