Lychee Martini 1L

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Signature Cocktail
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Signature Cocktail

Philip Bischoff is the Beverage Ambassador for a premium luxury hotel group, overseeing 5 bars in Asia's 50 Best, and 2 in World's 50 best Bars.

Premium Berlin Vodka, French Floral lychee Liqueur, French ginger & lime Liqueur, hand-crafted blend of apple, grape, lemon. This drink is to be stirred with ice, then poured out neat, and garnished with lemon peel. As with all our drinks, the Lychee Martini can also simply be shaken well and poured over ice. Philip Bischoff's

Lychee Martini is an elegant and highly sophisticated martini in a class of its own.

Ingredients: Mise-en-Abyme Vodka · Massenez Liqueur de Litchi · Massenez Liqueur de Citron Vert & Gingembre · Lime· Lemon

Volume: 1000ml ABV: 25%