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There’s always a story to tell behind a good bottle of booze, and that story should be accessible to everyone. You shouldn’t have to be a tastemaker to choose a boutique wine. You don’t have to be a connoisseur to appreciate a single malt. You can enjoy your drink, and understand it too – to us at Booze by UrbanFindr, that choice should be a simple one.

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The Ultimate Food Guide for the Gin Connoisseur in you

Unite your favourite local Singaporean cuisine with Brass Lion’s true-blue, locally made Gins. These novelly flavoured Gins are designed to appeal to both connoisseurs and first-timers alike. Definitely unique to our tastes and designed to provide you with a truly immersive experience.

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Get your cocktails and booze delivered right to your doorstep!

Since we can’t visit our favourite bars for now, you can still get creative with your booze parties. Why not schedule a pyjama Zoom movie party with your friends? We’ve got you some bar recommendations where you can get your cocktail and booze fixes!